Charlotte Farrell

Transformational Coach & Cultural Specialist

Transformational & Cultural Specialist

Singer, Horse Lover and Natural Born Leader

From an early age, I realised that transforming and accepting the simple fact that change will happen is all part of life and this is what shapes our ability to develop, grow and prosper in both our personal and professional lives.

My 10+ year career has taught me that I am a nurturer, a connector – I have a natural ability and desire to transform people and businesses which has resulted in increased profits for the companies I have worked within.

My career highlights have seen me work with high profile executives across the globe with roles progressing from Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff and Managing Director across multi facet sectors from finance, creative agencies and charities to name a few.

I now use my experience to specialise in progressing people, profits and purpose to create fulfilling careers, commercial advantage and legacy beyond business.
Why I do What I do?

Human, Passionate, Warm, Courage

I do what I do, because I am GOOD at it. Part of being happy is ensuring that we do what we are good at and my work can help you understand this for yourself, your team or your business whether it be personal or professional. Being unhappy helped me to ‘change’ my environment and ‘transform’ myself to build a business which helps others who need my experience, mechanisms and humour in their life!

My clients are people who want to develop their personal careers, SME’s working to modernise their working practices, SME’s who cannot identify their own process blockages, cultural alignment to values and corporations who wish to invest in the legacy of their people – after all, what do we do all of this for, if there is no legacy?

"If it doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you"

- Charlotte Farrell -
Who is Charlotte?

Positive, Engaging, Entertaining, Perspicacious, Tenacious

I am a human being, I have had hurt, love, disappointment, joy, grief, anger, stress, happiness, anxiety you name it the list goes on…

I am a formidable force in what ever I put my mind to, I am committed to the cause I am working on, I am passionate about topics I speak, I am a ALL or NOTHING kinda girl and this is evident in all aspects of my life.

If I am not working, I am volunteering with horses, I love country walks, running, keeping fit and spending time with my friends, family and being in my lovely home.

"It’s important to remember, we all have magic inside of us"

- JK Rowling -


SWITCH LDN exists to connect and transform careers, companies and corporate organisations. We focus (specialise) in progressing people, profits and purpose to create fulfilling careers, commercial advantage and legacy beyond business.

Charlotte Farrell
Charlotte Farrell


We stand for people, we sell transformation.
Training & Best Practice
Advisory Board Creation
Corporate Retreats
Charlotte Farrell


Connecting and transforming careers, companies and corporate organisations.
Diagnostics for Turnaround & Change Management
Restructure & Cost Reduction
Company Culture & Values Alignment
Recruitment & Retention
Strategic Direction
Charlotte Farrell


Make decisions that can make lasting impressions and positive changes that impact the future.
Training & Best Practice
Advisory Board Creation
Corporate Retreats

Clients & Projects

A selection of Business Founders, CEO's Directors and Entrepreneurs I have worked with can give you more of an insight in to who I am and how I work.

James Caan

CEO - Hamilton Bradshaw
Charlotte is a valuable and talented member of the team. Always professional and a pleasure to work with, she has the ability to work across a number of projects, with a keen eye on potential commercial opportunities.

Charlotte is also a natural team leader and enjoys motivating and developing her staff, whilst ensuring she gets maximum productivity.  

Tristan Ramus

Founder - Twenty 20 Capital
Charlotte is a dedicated individual. She demonstrated considerable progress in her career with me growing from Executive Assistant to Group Operations Manager.

She is extremely commercial and can spot opportunities to benefit the company; Charlotte understands the culture of the business and motivates others who work with her. A great addition to any business.

Guy Hands

CEO - Terra Firma
No challenge is too big for Charlotte, she is quick thinking and can adapt to any situation whilst offering intelligent solutions to complicated problems.  

Murray Brewer

Director - T-Rowe Price
It was a pleasure having Charlotte consult with us in Sydney for three months. She is simply an all rounder – she is charming but really can get the best from her team and my team for that matter!

Great attention to detail and we now enjoy a super productive team in our Australia and New Zealand regions with wisdom sharing! 


What if:

You stay the same forever and never transform or progress?
You leave the planet without leaving a legacy, what on earth is this all for?
Your company was listed as one of the best places to work?
You had your own trusted circle of business professionals – your own personal board to take counsel from?
Over a four-day retreat weekend, changed your perspective and life for the better?
It was all for nothing?!

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